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Using 1.7.1 and I notice with batch that my saved parameters sometimes revert to program defaults after the first file is processed. Bit irritating.

Couple of questions I would like to have input on.

If I plan to upscale my 1080p master > UHD

  1. Should I skip sharpening on the 1080p timeline and only do it afterwards on the UHD upscaled version (if needed)? Or should I apply some sharpening before upscaling? Sharpening is all the way down in my camera as I do this in post as the last step. I wonder what is the best way if you plan to upscale.
  2. Can I use Neat Video noise reduction on the 1080p timeline and put this master into an upscaler? Is this destructive?

Hey Emily - how are you > I just joined the group on Christmas Day, and not sure if you saw me intro letter, but it was more like a book! lolol…Anyway, I was hoping I could be a Beta Tester for Video, but it seems when I tried to request joining - it says there are no members. Being a video editor (8 days a week)…since I fell in love with AI, it has taken over my work flow. I think in the beginning I was very ambitious, thinking that I could do all these new releases + go to my Vaults and pull out the classics and change the world…but unless I have a dozen computers - it’ll never happen…I am only working with 16GB of ram…and the fact that it can take 24hours+ for one 5 minute music video - there has just got to be a solution coming (hopefully soon). Anyway, I am glad to be a part of the community…I have written alot about my experiences and in the business long enough, to share a story every day. If you have no room for a testers…then do you have any type of affiliate, partner, retail program - that I can share and promote on social media? So many of my colleagues, when they have seen my videomixes in AI…most people react as though it’s their first time seeing or hearing about it. I try to make a difference in what I do…I am so passionate about quality and restoration. I would love to hear back from you.

I have attached a link to a video of KAY STARR - “WHEEL OF FORTUNE” (1952)…in addition to restoring the video, I retracked the audio and sweetened the vocals…I just received tons of music videos that are in fair shape that are currently on DVD - from a distributor, and the original source material was VHS. I am wondering whether to tackle the situation, because they are all mainly dance music videos and dance remixes (one of a kind) – not typical of MTV. These were for entertainment venues, bars, clubs, DJ…I hope Topaz can make them shiny again. I will have another post later - in SHOWOFF - a promotional TCM clip.