Million Dollar Highway in Colorado

Yesterday I went up to Silverton, CO to grab some fall color shots. Even though it is about a week later than previously they were looking pretty good. The best lighting is around 2 to 4 PM but many of my shots were in the morning. Here are a couple.


I am Colorado To.

I have Photos From Mountains going to And From Raton Pass(Colorado And New Mexico ). :slight_smile:

Very nice pictures

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Stunning …

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Amazing pics on a perfect day. Stunning colors …

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That is one gorgeous looking place…nicely captured.

Living there should give you some excellent opportunities but I think a cold wave is coming Thursday.

Snow Tomorrow forecast is.

Both beautiful!

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In Silverton, I had lunch at Handlebars. Here is their web page. A photo of the crew with the young woman on the right who was my bartender ( I sat at the bar). Always smiling.

Great captures, really got the beauty that is Colorado in the fall