Metadata: how can I use Topaz WITHOUT metadata / exif being stripped?

It seems all of the metadata is getting stripped, so when I clean up a picture and post to Google Photos (or anywhere) all of the dates / times are changed to the time I edited the picture. I lose, date, time, location - you name it. Anyone know how to prevent that from happening? I’m finding myself not posting the nice picture Topaz creates and trying to edit them in PhotoScape Pro rather than having all info stripped. Anyone?

Doesn’t sound right, how are you processing the photo … from PhotoScape to Photo AI, or are you editing the image in Photo AI directly.

You can download and use EXIFTool to show the metadata before and then use on the created image to show the after.

If you want to see the Date Taken it is in the Details panel of Properties in Windows … date created is never updated.

Running into the same thing on my end. Both Video AI and Photo AI strip all metadata after processing.

support suggested I posted up in the “ideas” section so I made this request:

The same here as well. :expressionless:

Hi Jordan and everybody else missing metadata.
Here the answer I received from support:

" spoke with my team, and it looks like we do not copy the MakerNotes Exif data to the output DNG. This is intentional, as the MakerNotes can cause issues with other metadata.
“There is a lot of metadata in makernotes that can conflict with other metadata. We had an issue at one point with color temperature where makernotes and xmp differed, and the only way to fix it was to ignore makernotes version.” This is an issue with crops and other properties as well. The output with Makernotes could be unusable or require more editing to fix than if we output without Makernotes.

We made this change a long time ago and have not had any issues with metadata due to excluding Makernotes in the output.
If you are using Exiftool to copy the metadata directly, then yes, it could copy everything."

I made a request for a switch to allow/forbid metadata to be implemented along with the warning, that there might be failures if enabled.

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