Metadata conflict Lightroom - location information removed by Topaz AI

I see in the last update (Topaz AI 1.2.7.) that metadata should stay in the photo.

I have always had, and still have, metadata conflicts with photos edited using the Lightroom export to Topaz. And still the location information is thrown away.

Should I change something in my procedure?

Is the location information from the camera or you have entered from LR?

I have the same issue with Photo AI 1.2.7
All works correctly with other Topaz products (Denoise, …): location info is preserved.
GPS location information is coming from my Nikon Z9.

The GPS information is not from the camera. It is added to the photo in Lightroom in the map module.

That is probably why as LR may not send the data. You can test by doing an Edit in and create a TIFF, JPEG or PNG … don’t edit and save from Photo AI and see if the image has the data entered.

Then try the plug-in again, while it is executing make a copy of the image then see if the location data is there on the copy.

Thanks for your reply, but you write so compact that I can’t reproduce your suggestion. Can you say it more dummie proof please?

I created a 16 bit TIFF in Lightroom. It has GPS data in it.
When I process it in Topaz Photo AI using the plugin, the GPS data gets lost.

Also when I open Topaz AI first and load the image directly into Topaz AI, the saved result does not have GPS data anymore.

This is now with version 1.2.8.
I read in the update info that now more Lightroom data are used. Still not the GPS data…

Are you creating this TIFF by using Edit in to go to Photo AI?

Is that the saved TIFF from LR that does not have the GPS data embedded?

I did both. I created in Lr a TIFF and saved it to my computer. This has GPS data embedded. Then I opened that file in Topaz.

And I used the Lr plugin to create a TIFF in Lr to edit it directly in Topaz.

The best thing to do is report it to Support by raising a support request at the main website. They will look at the issue from there.

I was hoping this system was used for that purpose…

Does Topaz not screen and follow this community?

It is actually a user to user forum… they are active here but if they are busy they take longer to get to a issue here.

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Thank you for reporting this. I was able to reproduce the issue and made a task for my team to look into it.

In versions before v1.2.7 it still worked, so we have enough information to determine the cause now.

I believe we should have this fixed by the release Thursday next week.

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Thank you @Lingyu .
I look forward to the update.

It’s almost June and I still have this problem. Any updates?