May be 'off and on' a bit longer

Besides doctor appts. we’ve been preparing for Irma. Timing made it hard to leave early as we’d prefer and now it’s impossible (roads clogged, gas lines about a half mile long with no guarantee of gas when you get to the pumps).

We were on a road next to Interstate 75 going 40 mph and passing everything on the interstate. Not worth the time and effort!

Have done everything necessary…food, drink, etc. Even if the power goes out and the water gets contaminated (as it did in the last hurricane we were in) we’re covered. We’ll be fine (contrary to what our kids are saying). :persevere:

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Please check in as soon as possible after this nightmare passes through. We’re concerned that all of those facing nature’s wrath get through safely and with a minimum of problems.


Please be safe, Stay high ground. things go from fine to bad real quick. and check in and let us know when you can.

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tennie please stay safe. Having been born and raised and still living in Eastern North Carolina I think I can say I understand you emotions right now.

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I’m concerned for your safety as your children are. I saw on the News that if you are not able to get out… to call for assistance and at least get to a shelter while there is still time? It is much better to be surrounded with people and organizations that can be of comfort and aid. All the food, drink etc won’t help if you are under water from the water surge. This is not like other hurricanes… please reconsider your options. I pray for your safety. :pray:

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I second John’s thoughts. Where exactly are you located in Florida? Praying you and all others stay safe.

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Thank you Kathy… I’m not sure that it matters where you live in Fla? Maybe we can convince her that this is not like any other hurricane and take her children advise? If things are very bad and last for a very long time, it’s better to be in a shelter? I understand that she personally may not like the idea, but it better to be save than sorry. I was in a hurricane years ago that stalled on the Gulf side of Fla. for 3 days… cabin fever can get to you rather quickly inside your home and not knowing what is going on doesn’t make the situation any better? You need support in situations like this.

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I’m sure all of us have said at one time… “I should have listened to my parents” .
Maybe this time you may want to reconsider before having to say… “I should have listened to my children?”

We are all worried about you as your children are and want you to do the right thing. One thing I have realized over the years is… you can’t predict what Mother Nature will throw at you. And don’t forget, then there is always the possibility of a Tornado with these storms. I’m not trying to scare you, but I am concerned for your safety. God Speed with whatever decision you make.

Thank you all for your concerns.

We are located about equal distance from the Atlantic and Gulf, and at least an hour north of Orlando… There are no large (or even medium) bodies of water near us. Our biggest concern is the proported path coming up over the peninsula, but the expected winds getting to our area are supposed to be in the 50-60 mph range (which is way lower than along the coast). Of course there will be lots of rain.

We may lose power and the water source may be unusable for some time. Neither of these things have occured over the years we’ve been here…but we are prepared.

Wind damage may be possible (have lost roofing shingles before).

My greatest concern with trying to ‘flee’ centered around 1. leaving too late 2. my 83 yo husband still thinks he’s Superman (driving’s no problem) but he does tire quickly and often won’t admit it 3. finding a place to stay with all the other evacuation having preceded us (of course we could always drive to the DFW area and stay with the kids.

I appreciate your concerns and thank you for your empathy! :innocent:


Hi tennie,
Again… I am not trying to scare you but… what if this time you lose the roof and not just shingles?
I don’t know where DFW is or means but if it is possible … maybe you should be with your children for family support and comfort? Please take care.

The problem with this particular hurricane is that there isn’t a precedent to compare it with. Is DFW - Dallas-Fort Worth? The highest winds are near the eye so where that falls is what to watch for if coastal waters and flooding aren’t a concern.

DFW = Dallas Ft. Worth One child near each of those cities. Or the other child in northern Wisconsin. Too far to travel at this time.

If the roof comes off we have good neighbors and friends in the area. If it falls on us…well, where we go we go together.

Rather doubt that will happen here…perhaps with the 100+ mph winds in Miami and along the coast. We have lived in ‘tornado alley’ (Iowa and Wisconsin) and escaped so far.

I love you all for your concern, but we feel that all will work out as it’s supposed to.


Tennie, stay safe and we look forward to see you back here in the forum.
Hope there will be no significant damage.

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Stay safe and think before you “do” anything. We’ll be praying and waiting

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That’s good to hear… stay safe.

Good luck - I am sure it is stressful and difficult for everyone in Florida now!

Praying for you all