Mastering the Frame Tool

I am certain someone smarter than me has mastered the frame tool in Studio. My objective is to create a simple frame with a mat of equal spacing all around the picture. The frame is no issue however i have yet to find the correct sequence/trick to get the frame to stay constant and adjust the mat so that i have equal spacing around the print. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Just underneath the Light Position options select Mat (Frame is the default). Then move the Mat Width slider all the way to the right (1.00).FrameMat


Go to Preset - choose Small White Matt - then go to Frame area and adjust ratios and sizes, colours and textures until you score a Home Run :slight_smile:

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The answer has been provided above but you will find with files other than square, moving the slider cuts off portions of the image. Something you may need to take into account.


Thanks Everyone!! Greatly appreciate the help. Got it done with your help. Have a great weekend!!