MaskAI Photoshop layer options not working

Using newest version of MaskAI (1.3.8), Photoshop CS6, Windows 10. All masking and save functions seem to work fine - both stand-alone and plugin.

Opened from PS as a plugin, create mask, then Apply - the layer I’m working on is updated to include the masked areas as transparent. Setting the Save Options preferences in MaskAI (PS: Auto Create Layer & PS: Save to Layer Mask) seem to have no effect whether the switches are on or off. They seem disabled, like a light switch not connected to anything.

I can work around this by duplicating the layer and adding a mask to the layer before opening the plugin, but I thought this functionality was added several versions ago. What am I missing? Thanks.

The functionality may no longer work with CS6 as the plugin libraries used are for later versions of Photoshop. I also tested in CS6 and you are right that the automation options don’t work.

To recover the mask click on the layer and select Layer Mask > From Transparancy:


In the meantime raise a support request at the main website and ask if CS6 is still supported.

Thanks for the tip, Don. Will do.

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