MaskAI cannot add a background

Is there a size or file type limitation on adding a background?

I grabbed a file off Google Images, it is a .jpg. I tried a small-sized file and a large-sized file.

I just get an error message and when I show the details it reads:

Unable to load light_turquoise_1024x1024.jpg

Sorry, but can someone please explain what causes the Unable To Load Error?

I have tried loading it as a background to a masking in progress. No go.

I have restarted the program and tried to load it as the primary image. No go.

Are there images in Google Images that are locked in some way? Never used to be but things in technology change rapidly and maybe Google is getting into licensing images now. There is no visible watermark. I tried an image from a stock image library, it works fine.

Nothing in the documentation or FAQ about this. What is the trick or what am I missing or doing wrong…

Please post a link to it and I will check the image for you. Can you open it in any other products?

I thought Google Images was a search engine.