Mask function gone in 2.4

OK, great. The Add [Remove] Enhancement option is a welcome addition to the app, however, the moment we installed V2.4 selecting Mark or Brush changed nothing. The option to manually select a subject is simply gone and cannot be enabled in the preferences dialog.
As well, while I have come to appreciate the Recover Faces option, what about the providing the ability to select the rest of the person? Yesterday I processed a classic B&W image scanned from film using the previous version, had all of the hominids perfectly masked and the app simply crashed leaving me wondering what just happened.

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Such a terrible update. Im going to just stop using it and move to something else. I dont see why you would take a working software that everyone knew how to use and just screw literally everything imaginable up in the worst way. Yuck topaz

We have updated our Topaz Labs Documentation page with some helpful information to help users familiarize themselves with the new workflow that I will link below.

Topaz Photo AI | Quick Start | App Basics

Topaz Photo AI | Selection