Mask for applying noise reduction in Photo AI

I have a number of bird images which are too noisy. If I apply Photo AI to it, it removes noise from the entire photo, including the bird, which ends up looking a bit plasticky. It would be very handy to apply a mask to the background and then only denoise that.

ja, mit meinen Insektenfotos geht es mir ebenso, separates Denoise für den Hintergrund bräuchte es dringend. This feature is actually already on our roadmap for the future. Unfortunately it’s not prioritized at the moment but we definitely understand how it could be useful.

In the meantime, try turning down the strength of the Remove Noise sliders (or even off depending on how noisy the original image is) and then turn on Upscale. Set the scale to 1x if you don’t want to enlarge the image but it’ll still enhance the resolution and remove minor noise.

Thanks for sharing!


For me, the use case is scanning older negatives. These contain natural and unnatural grain due to aging. This is most dominantly visible in the ligher (sky and clouds). Noise reduction sometimes needed there is very strong towards extreme, but that also removes detail in the darker (subject) areas, like the landscape. There the noise is actually a lot less visible and effectively should remain to make the landscape not become too clean. it is almost impossible to find middle ground.

Indeed, please add , so I would like to have a similar masking ability as with sharpness, to make sure the blue sky is without artifacts from the negatives, but the subject retains its details