Mask AI vs Photoshop

Are Photoshop CC users finding that masking is easier and faster than using Mask AI?

In a photography program I was taking, one of the required courses was a Photoshop class. We had been assigned a tricky hair masking exercise. After trying in Photoshop, I thought I would try Mask AI thinking it would be way better. After 1/2 hour of painting and dabbing with red, green and blue, I was no further ahead than what I’d accomplished in PS in a couple of minutes.

Topaz Mask and Mask AI were the beez kneez at masking when they came out. But it seems like great strides are being made by others in the marketplace.

It’s not just Mask. PS recently added “Super Resolution” functionality, and Corel DRAW has AI driven image up-scaling and JPEG artifact reduction, making GigaPixel somewhat redundant.

I’d have to see some next-level improvements in the results before paying for an update. I find I’m using my vast collection of Topaz products less and less. And once the unavoidable nagging starts, I may stop trying altogether.

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I’m like you I’m afraid, I’m using Topaz less and less. The only ones I use a lot are de-noise and sharpen and even then Photoshop seems to be rapidly catching up. Mask is a bit better on similar coloured items, but that’s about it.

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