Mask AI v1.3.4

September 23, 2020

Online Installers: mac | win

Full Installers: mac | win


  • “P” shortcut to toggle trimap
  • settings sliders can be changed with mouse wheels or arrow keys
  • add ability to defer license upgrade and program upgrade dialogs


  • Improved app behavior for slow/partial internet connections
  • Avoid permission issue for apps launched from installer
  • Photoshop plugins on mac automatically re-linked in installer
  • Shortcut documentation for auto-detect subject and sky


  • In-app surveys removed
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I have not installed Mask AI 1.3.4 yet, I’ve got a problem w my computer right now and I believe comments for 1.3.3 are no longer possible (and can’t find it anyway), but I’m gambling that my issue is still a problem in v 1.3.4

Feature Request for User Default Compression setting in Preferences.

I always want max compression of the output file, but it always defaults to minimum.
So please give us the ability to set the default to whatever we want in the next version.

In any case Mask AI has gotten better and better with each update, but in my experience it still falls short on the accuracy of the auto selection compared to Photoshop CC.

belated thanks for the feedback Dan! we’ll see if there’s a way to make the output settings sticky in a future update.

That would be Great.
Thanks !

to follow-up: the new Mask v1.3.6 now defaults to the maximum output quality all the time.

And it has a few other save settings which are now sticky