Mask AI v1.1.0

Download: Windows, Mac. Released February 19, 2020.

Major Features

  • Use the Color Range Tool to selectively apply green or red based on a sampled color + a range controlled by slider. Perfect for complicated shapes and structures that contrast with the background behind them. This tool applies only to blue areas in the trimap.
  • Use the “Auto Detect Sky” mode for a quick trimap that cuts out skies in images.


  • The right panel has been redesigned to improve tool organization and clarity
  • “Auto-Update Mask” will now remember preferred setting across sessions
  • Trimap can now be saved even before an initial compute
  • Improved the tutorial experience for easier learning and better support for future content.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where right panel would not reset properly on image close
  • Fixed various tutorial-breaking application states
  • Fixed bug where image drag to open would not prompt to save
  • Fixed bug where background would change to original image on clicking the Background “Image” button with no image loaded
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Is Mask AI supposed to work as a plugin to Lr? Under preferences I can either select GPU or CPU. My installation has defaulted to CPU but I gave a GPU with 4 gig ram on board my iMac. Why has it not selected GPU?