Mask AI - update nag?

I’m getting an update nag every time I run Mask AI, but I’m already on 1.02, which according to the downloads page (since simply doing an update doesn’t work) is the current version. Anyone else getting this?

The current AI Mask version is 1.03. You should be able to access it from within the program. It’s a very light update.

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Thanks for that Eleanore.

Man, Topaz has really gone to the dogs. They need to hire themselves some more neural networks to update their web site when they do updates. :smiley:

I believe the current version for production is v1.0.2

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When this question came up last nite…I opened the production version of AIMask and got an update notice. The version I have right now is 1.0.3.

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With all the update problems of late, requiring manual downloading to update, you’d think they’d pay attention to this stuff on their site.

Hi Eleanore, my apologies … I didn’t get an update notice so I downloaded the latest version (v1.0.2) from the downloads on the Topaz Labs website and it shows as v1.0.3 …


I have no idea what is happening … ???

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I had no trouble updating Mask and Topaz Studio in-app today but the update prompts for the other AI apps go nowhere.