Mask AI Tri-Map Issue

Whenever I touch up my initial Tri-Map with any of the colored brushes, the color that I add immediately disappears from the map when I release the cursor (or lift the pen off of a Wacom tablet). This makes it impossible to evaluate the accuracy of my work. This problem never occurred before. Could someone please help me? Thank you so much.

I think that I might have resolved the issue in my post above. The problem of additional brush strokes disappearing only seems to occur on the Keep view. This suggests to me that any additional brush strokes should be done on the Trimap view only. If someone could please confirm this, I would appreciate it. Thank you!

You can apply the “cleanup” brush strokes in any of the views, which ever you are most comfortable with. For example I tend to apply the cleanup strokes to the mask view, and they show whilst being applied, but they only remain visible in the Trimap view. That is how I would expect it should be, and is also the way it worked in Remask 5.


You stated it perfectly. I took me a while to realize it, I finally figured it out. Everything works as expected. Thank you for your response.

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