Mask AI features

I haven’t found a “real” tutorial for Mask AI yet. The one that is built into the product is nice, but I have the impression that masking a tree might even be simpler than masking a city scape with straight buildings because if part of the mask is incomplete, you don’t notice it as much. Masks I tried to make of rooftops and church towers against a clear sky were difficult to make accurately.

I find some things still confusing, but it may be my fault for not using the product correctly. In any case I find it quite difficult to correct a mask that hasn’t been calculated optimally. There needs to be an extra brush that can directly work on the mask, overriding any calculations. With the current keep and cut brushes, the edges are often fuzzy and the mask ends up leaking over the intended edge. With no direct control it is a very frustrating procedure.

Using the product as a plugin with Photoshop I can only seem to return the image to Photoshop with the cut-out parts transparent. It would be better to be able to return a mask to Photoshop where there are better brush tools to refine the mask. Maybe I have simply overlooked this feature though.

The pan tool is buggy. Pressing the spacebar turns the cursor into a hand, but I can’t pan. I have to turn panning on and off with the pan button which is wearisome.

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How about looking at old tutorials for ReMask? Mask AI and ReMask are the same in terms of how the user interacts with them.