Mask AI Does Not Save Trimap But Confirms Save

If you save a Trimap, using the File menu’s Save As…, before actually computing the mask, the program confirms the save, but never actually saves it.

This is true when using Mask AI as standalone, or as a Photoshop plugin.

After computing the mask, things work fine (except for the kludgy dialog).

I routinely save the Trimap. Using a saved Trimap, it’s possible to go back and tweak a mask.

You cannot save a tri-map without first computing it, quite obvious as the tri-map is a result of the computation not your brush strokes,

Hi Don

Sorry! I don’t think it is obvious at all.

The Trimap is not the result of computation, it is something hand-painted by me, using three colours. The mask/selection is generated by the program, but not the Trimap.

In ReMask, the Trimap could be saved before computing the mask. Something which I did as a routine part of my workflow.

More to the point, the dialog finishes with a confirmation that the file has been saved, despite the fact that nothing happens. Try it!

I’m sure the programmers would like to deal with this.

Shifted to Product Feature Requests and I would also suggest you raise a support request at the main website.