Mask AI Contrast & Translucent Modes

Kudos for finally getting a Translucent button installed. But, no tutorial on how to use the Contrast tab for computing a mask! I’m assuming you use it when you’re trying to create a mask on high contrast subjects??

You are right it is the basic mode of all masking applications and it can also be used for simple images such as buildings etc. and is not restricted to high contrast.

Its advantage is that it process a lot quicker because it doesn’t use AI.

Develop a manual on “How-To” with Topaz products - you will find it is pretty much obsolete after 6 months - what with all the changes it is customary for Topaz to make!!! :slight_smile:

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Noticed that the Transparency feature does not work like the old one on Remask. Any tutorial on the finer points of using it? Does not do a great job on something like a bridal veil mask. Hard to get right.

Hi, The Translucent Mode is quite simple as you can see from this example. Reset to Mask then just use the Red/Green brushes to indicate the background to cut and the foreground to keep. Then Click on Translucent and press Compute Mask … this is the result after 20 brush strokes:

You will also notice on the toolbar there is a Color Range Tool as was included in ReMask.