Mask AI Challenge

Mask out All of the The Cat And/or All of the Background.Including Wiskers.

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Here Is Test Image:

Cat Calenge.
Mask out all but Cat.

I thought I’d try your challenge. Here are the results after approximately 15 minutes of trying, which included using JPEG to RAW AI, DeNoise AI, Adjust AI, and Gigapixel AI before using Mask AI.

Here is the “keep” image with a blurred background.

Also, I opened the scaled image in Photoshop in order to use ACR to remove the chromatic aberration around the whiskers before calling the Mask AI plug-in.

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All Wiskers there ?

I added the “keep” portion of your image with the original background blurred to my original post. You should be able to see the whiskers.

Try this TriMap:

Only Contrast Works On Cat For one Mask AI:

Ok I thought I would join the cat party

First round I didn’t have the whiskers, so I added a contrast background and used the blue brush on the whiskers. Then adjusted the sliders

Close up you can see the whiskers. Mask AI did a fabulous job.

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I Crashed on iMac.
@AiDon Have You Tried the Challenge ?

These are I Phone 8Plus Photos.
Bottom Is Canon Rebel T6

I did rework the left paw but my focus was on his wiskers

I think you can see what need working if you add a contrast color instead of looking at the transparency

Nice photo, will be challenging