Mask AI and Photoshop

Mask AI not working very well in Photoshop CC plug in. Everything looks good, masking, etc. In the end when I save it, it is not saving anything anywhere. I looked in the original folder, looked in Pictures, nothing. Stand alone version seems to be working. No user Guide, no tutorial nothing. Not suprised I have never had very good support from Topaz. Nice products, poor support.

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If the layer in Photoshop is locked then the output will not be transferred to PS. This is also a link to the user guide in help menu. Here is the direct link. Topaz Labs Learning Center


Please, would you be so kind to explain that better to me? I have others plugins from Topaz and I use them in Photoshop CC from the filter menu and they save perfectly the processed picture, only with Mask AI it doesn’t happen. This is a problem for me.
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I unlocked the layers in Photoshop CC, but when I try to use Mas AI as plugin, from the filters menu it doesn’t show the photo I have opened in Photoshop, the program froze and it doesn’t respond. No idea about what I should do at this stage.

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Unlocking the layer, or duplicating the layer before invoking Mask AI would allow to get the output back in PS.
In your case, I would try to open the app as standalone one time, close it, and then start using as plug ins. Let me know if that works. We are working on making the plug in experience smooth.

You Get Whit i sent ? New photos too.

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately so far I hate Mask AI and I still prefer Topaz Remask 5. The point is that, unlocking the layers in Photoshop CC, I can use Mask AI as plugin, but it takes ages to open my photo and ages to save it after processing. With Topaz Remask 5 the photos get open instantaneously and are equally saved instantaneously. I don’t know why the process is so painfully slow with Mask AI

I see. Thanks to let us know. This transition should be fast. Otherwise, it would difficult to get a quick easy mask done. We’ll investigate the issue. If speed is an issue in Mask AI for your workflow, try the contrast mode. Contrast mode has same speed as Remask5.

Turn on Smart Filter first in Photoshop, shows at the top of filter menu.

I would like to suggest that folks check the preferences to be sure MAI is set up correctly. In my case it was crashing while trying to work as a plugin to PS but discovered that the advanced preferences incorrectly selected the OpenVino option rather than Enable discrete GPU. No more crashes after I changed that option.

When I am trying Mask AI, the plug-in will not load in Photoshop CC unless I first go into Mask AI and go to Advanced Preferences and turn off the Discrete GPU and the Intel OpenVINO. Then and only then will it load as a Plug-In in photoshop. Unfortunately then afterwards, after completing the mask, when I am taken back to Photoshop the mask is not there. No new layer, no mask. No nothing. Also, since I have to turn off the Intel OpenVINO and the Discrete GPU, the masking computations take FOREVER. Right now it is basically useless to me.

So for some reason I cannot understand, I can not get Topaz Mask AI to work with Discrete GPU enabled as a plug-in in Photoshop, but honestly it is still too slow calculating the constant changes in the mask as you tweak it with the Green and Red Brushes. Remask 5 is fast enough. This is on an i9-9980XE with an NVidia 2080Ti card, and for now it doesn’t get much faster than that.

In your computer, it should work very fast. In preference, just reset and let the program choose the hardware itself. Also, when open as PS plug-in, create a mask layer manually for now, after invoking Mask AI wait 10-20 second to see the image from PS to Mask AI. The initial invoking is slow now. Also, contrast mode is as fast as Remask5 but AI mode should be fast in your machine too.

Hi Partha, I have a similar issue with Topaz Mask Ai, when I open it as a stand-alone or in LR cc it opens with a save button. But when I open it in PS cc I only get an Apply or Cancel Button. After doing the edits and working with or replacing the background when I hit Apply (my only option) it only saves the mask portion of the photo ie the part painted green. Any edits to the background are lost forever, no way to go back to Mask Ai. I sent a ticket to Topaz and was told that this was only way Mask Ai works as a plugin but when watching the Tutorials they all show people working in PS after saving the Mask Ai work. So how do you do this? Very frustrating!

In plug-in mode, you can save it as composite, it’s in the file menu. We’re going to add the ability to transfer the composite image in Photoshop soon. Before that update, use the save option from file menu.

Ive read down through the posts but still not sure I have an answer as to why my Mask AI, Version 1.1.0, will not show in my Photoshop CC 2020 filters menu? I’ve opened Mask AI as a stand-alone first as instructed, restarted PS and rebooted my computer, still no joy.