Management of HEIC/HEIF

It has been a long time since the format exists, I think it’s time to implement it in the software. It has become widely compatible, it is lightweight, with many colors. It even handles HDR which topaz does not handle, and that’s a shame.

Thanks for the idea and suggestion! Make sure that you do not forget to vote for your idea :slight_smile:

I will note that we utilize a third-party software known as LibRAW for much of our file processing. We will need to patiently await an update from them regarding their library before we can incorporate it into our software.

Why not add VIPS in parallel and thus add a bunch of new cool and useful formats? (WebP, Heic/Heif, Jpeg2000…)
Just do: vips icc_transform input_file.extension /path/to/icc/profile.icc
Or else: vips copy input_file.extension

If you want lossless PNG compression, you can use Zopfli, which is here:

Together there is packsquash, which allows crazy compression of PNGs. Which for web use is wonderful. However, it is intended for Minecraft, so it manages sets of folders with subfolders, you will need to extract from the code only the compression algorithms, but I leave that to you. Or simply go see which algorithms they use to integrate them into Topaz, which would allow obtaining PNGs of a certainly lower quality, but with an extremely reduced weight, for a frame that still provides a sufficient quality for extensive use.