Manage AI Models Showing some Models 0KB / Random Number? (VEAI 2.6.4)

I went into the Manage AI Models Menu and see that some of my models for example Artemis Medium Quality V13 is showing 0KB / 6.68GB. I’m assuming that means i don’t have that model downloaded but then the option to download it is greyed out. If I uncheck it then it removes it and then when I check it it says, You are about to download 1 model for 0KB, i press download and it show the download screen and does absolutely nothing. It’s like this with a couple different models.

Where is the “manage all models” menu? I just launched 3.05and some of my favorites are seemingly missing.


File > Manage AI Models

I am not seeing “manage AI models” in my “file” settings. I only see: “Import, Close video, Close all sources, Preferences and Exit.”

(I am now using 3.0.12.)

I was actually looking to see if older versions of models are downloadable from Topaz, online.

I now see that most of the choices I want to make are available when clicking the various image processing models.

Thank you!