I did this painting from a photo of mine using Corel painter then added some Impression effect.


Looks great …like the canvas look to it.

Nice looking painting results, very even and regular consistency of the brush strokes, and the canvas texture is an added bonus.

Beautiful work, it really looks like a very nicely done painting.

Thanks Bob, John and ken. I wish I could apply the textures in Impression without the paintbrush strokes. Topaz should add a button to turn off the paint while allowing color, lighting and texture. I do like the painting often but not always.


I made a preset for Impression a year or so ago that kept the image almost completely unchanged yet gave you access to color, light, and texture. I’ll look for it and see if I can find it and post it here as I found it useful. You can also do texture effects in Studio that don’t involve brush strokes. Or you could just use Texture Effects as a plug-in.

You have to buy texture effects and I already own Impression. If you find how to stop the brush effects while keeping texture, let me know. I have played with Impression settings but turning down the controls seems to reduce the texture as well.

Very nice result…good job