Making settings persistent

Normal PC, Windows 10 Pro, Denoise AI 3.4.1

I did a search, but didn’t see anything about this, which usually means I’m missing something obvious.

In Denoise, when I change a setting, it doesn’t persist across activations. For example, I send an image from Lightroom, Denoise opens in Comparison view. The panes are Low Light, Clear, Low Light, Severe. I WANT Standard in the first pane, so I change Low Light to Standard. Now I have Standard, Clear, Low Light and Severe. AND, I want to set Recover Original Detail to “10” for Standard, so I do that. And perhaps I want Recover Original Detail to “20” for Severe, so I do that.

I decide I want the process with Low Light and want Recover Original Detail to “15”, and process. Denoise disappears and I’m back in Lightroom.

Grab the next image and send it to Denoise… I MAY have Standard in the first pane, but even though I processed the last image with RAW, the first pane now has Severe in it instead of Standard, or one of the other options may be there. I may ALSO have the “10” I set for Recover Original Detail set, but it is generally zero again. As are the other settings I put in for Recover Original Detail…

I’d LIKE this layout and settings to be persistent, but I’m missing something on how to make this happen. I can’t figure out the process to make everything last between sessions.