Make the plugin for Davinci Resole to work on a compound clip

I would like to be able to use the plugin on compound clips in Davinci Resolve.

It’s very rare that I have less than 20 small clips that need to be enhanced. Copying and pasting works, but only if in a perfect situation when we won’t touch it again. Then, if a change needs to be made, we need to do it all again. Depending on the numbers of the clips to enhance, it can be very time consuming, so export an intermediate file and use the standalone version of VAI.

Why time consuming? Because since heavy effects can’t be played at the native speed, we always need to either user the cache, or better, render in place, which creates an intermediary file with the enhancement backed in it. But when something needs to be tweaked, we have to : Decompose to original - then do the modification, and cache it again. Doing that for 2 clips is fine, but more than that and it becomes a real pain.

This workflow adds a bit of complexity in the whole process. The plugin is useful when many different clips are dispersed on a timeline.

We can make a compound clip, then render in place, then add the effect. I didn’t try this yet, I guess it should work, but if someone needs to tweak anything, the original video is buried 3 levels deep.

Many times, I have groups of clips that need different VAI settings, so not being able to group them and have the effect of working on the compound clip complicates things a lot.