Make Gigapixel Video AI compatibel with 360 video

Hi there, I know it’s not even out yet, but I have a suggestion for Gigapixel Video AI. There are a lot of people with 4k or 5.7k 360 cameras that aren’t satifisfied with the quality once it’s seen in the 360 projection. I think there could be a big marketshare for Topaz if it can significantly enhance 360 video.

I’ve learned from one of your beta testers that it currently isn’t working too well with 360 video. Perhaps this is something you could improve on? This is what he said about it:
Its not so much it won’t process it but that it introduces a lot of noise and artifacts (there is currently no denoise function with it), more so than with non 360 footage (no idea why that should be).”

This could expand your customerbase significantly I think. I know it would be a great incentive for me to jump aboard.

kind regards, Frank

Have you tried the Video AI online processor at:

Hello AiDon,

No, but I will! Not today, almost off to work, but tonight or tomorrow, and I’ll give my feedback :slight_smile:

kind regards, Frank

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Any news about such test? I am very interested as I try to update resolution of 360 photos and videos and don’t know how best to proceed with topaz tools… any feedback and guidance welcome!!

Also want to ditto this request. Main problem is that VEAI doesn’t know that the two ‘ends’ of the file will be wrapped around, and therefore should be treated as neighbouring pixels… this results in a very visible stitch line being created in every case. Ruins the video unless you happen to have gotten lucky with the camera orientation.