Major Version Improvements

Hello, can any of the long term users of this product please answer my question on performance of major releases of this software.

Is it normal for major releases for performance improvements to occur despite not changing hardware?

Have you found that all things being equal your speeds get faster doing the same workload with each new release?

Is the software becoming more efficient over time?

im urgent wait for 100% support of the apple silicon chips M1 and new ones M1 Pro and M1 Max . I guess it gives way more windows users as Mac that’s why no big interest into Mac from Topaz :frowning:

The major releases in my experience have several types of changes: 1) features; 2) stability; and 3) efficiency. I haven’t formally checked speeds, but it seems to me from re-enhancing the same videos that it’s slightly faster than the earlier versions, like saving a few minutes over a 12-hour encoding. I just let it run and do something else. Of course, with the changes in the models things are not really equal, that may also affect time as well, so it’s not so simple to say the software is becoming more efficient. Much like car engines are much more efficient today than from a decade ago, but then the car makers make the engines smaller to reduce weight or put the engine into heavier SUVs, so the overall MPG over the different model lines hasn’t increased much to reflect how efficient engines are, because things are not actually equal.

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