Major Tom's nightmare (...can you hear me Major Tom....)

Topaz Studio AI Remix


Cool results… it does look like an astronaut.

Thanks John! I have not yet decided if I like this new adjustment or not. So I opened various images and randomnly applied presets to see what Remix is doing. By chance one of the presets gave this hydrant the astronaut look and created something that looked like eyes. This is why I associated Major Tom with it.

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I too am still experimenting with AI. I find you have to play around with different Blend modes, the opacity of the results, using it on just certain areas of an image etc. I think it has good potential… have fun with it.

I also like the hydrant shot you provided… nice edits and I did recognize it in the Major Tom image.

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I think I prefer the hydrant image - that looks cooler than the “major”

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as said, I randomnly took images to see what Remix is doing with them. Not entirely convinced, though