Maintain source timecode of clip

Exported video has the same source timecode as the source clips, unless a clip is retimed or slowed down.

Hi daniel, does timecode need to be enabled. I’ve just done a test and am not getting timecode in my output video.

Hello, apologies I’m new to the forum, but I was posting this as a feature request! Currently VEAI doesn’t support these timecode features, and I’m writing them here to ask for it to be supported.

Timecode is not being preserved. This is true of many different sources we’ve tested, camera originals, transcodes, etc…

I’ve tested this with and without the “use timecodes” option turned on/off.

Timecode is being written out at 00:00:00:00 for frame 0.

This presents some significant issues with workflow.

I am aware there is an ability to re-stripe timecode using FFMpeg after the fact but that is an unfortunate step to have to take.

VEAI V3.0.0.2 beta now has the ability to export the original source timecode.

Exporting the original source timecode works with the 2X frame doubling AI models also.

Am I missing something? I’m not seeing this option anywhere in the beta (I’m on now)

I can’t believe I am not seeing timecode in the app! Also it still does not preserve it on output. This needs to be solved to make it viable for pro users.

Is timecode throughput working yet? Would be really helpful in many workflows.

Just tested to see if original timecode is preserved in export. Seems to be not working. Clip starts at zero. Would be really useful.