Magick.NET Compression Libraries

Originally requested here:

I don’t know what libraries VEAI uses for JPG/PNG output compression but it be neat if something like ImageMagick via Magick.NET used for ImageMagick was looked at to see if something like this would result in much better file sizes than what VEAI can currently output.

JPG’s with lossless looking quality
PNG’s with much better compressed sizes depending on a scenes complexity

Right now if I export a PNG or TIFF then they all come out about the same file size. Kind of like a video with a constant bitrate. Like a 4K full white image would come out the same file size as a fully complete city scene.

Magick is like variable bitrate but for images. A 4K full white image would come out at a fraction of the size a complex scene would.

I don’t find it reasonable to do video outputs unless it’s a short video clip because if something goes wrong or if you need to an emergency shutdown then you’ve just wasted time. But image outputs have the potential to take ridiculously large amounts of space.