MacOS install issue

I’m installing at work on an iMac running 10.14. I’ve previously had DeNoise AI (and a ton of other plugs) installed on this Mac, without any problem. I think probably our systems folks have tightened control a little recently - I have a local admin account that allows me to install software, and I was able to successfully install Denoise AI 2.0 on it. But it doesn’t show as a plugin in Photoshop, in my regular user account. If I try to install on my regular user account, it tells me that I don’t have write access to /Applications. Usually when I try to install something on a regular user account, it just prompts for admin credentials which I’m able to supply. This one doesn’t.

I can use it standalone in my regular user account, but I need to be able to use it as a plugin to make it useful. How can I get it to add the Photoshop (and maybe the Lightroom) plugin on a non-admin account?

I’m more of a windows user, so excuse if this is a bit of a rooky MacOS question.