"machine-human" metropolis 1927

a picture of the robotic figure and throne/charging chair of the metropolis picture. do notice this is a 1927 movie and they where already dealing with the idea there would be androids with charging stations for the use of humanity… almost 100 years later and that tech is not fully functional still, not to mention to transform as in the movie from a metal robot into a female human in seconds.
i do admit its not 100% B&W (the cables are yellow) but except that, it is tones of greyish-blue.


Good picture. Can she dance?

i guess so. in the movie it transforms into a human. its a union woman that tries trough peaceful means make the undercity workers (that makes the modern city to work) try to get better conditions and payments. so the company rich mens pay a scientist to create the “human-machine” steal the appereance of that woman, and pretty much she becomes a raging drunk high end “lady of the night” making her appear like scum, causing without wanting to the workers to rebel against the rich people living in the streets of metropolis. its quite a movie now that was restored (the nazis ordered all the copies destroyed. trough the decades pieces where found and 99.9% restored thanks to a copy found lost on argentina)

Pretty wild. I was making a reference to the Boston Dynamics robots that now dance. If you haven’t seen it , here is the link. https://youtu.be/FoyR1U7Y7Po

ow i did not get that. it has been quite quiet news from boston dynamics.
here a clip of some (this video was made before the movie was remastered and restored) of “machine-human” beeing boot up, then a machine copies mind and body of the original woman “maria” so machine-human can steal her identity. in the middle of the workers riot they figure out the insane maria is an impostor so they burn her in a stake. when machine human dies returns to her original “android” appereance.