Mac Ultra M2

I am buying the Mac M2 ultra soon and wondered if there is any benefit in getting the 76 cor GPU instead of the Standard 60 core and what increase in speed I can expect, thanks for any help. Barry

I’m also considering buying the Mac Studio M2 Ultra early this coming week of July 17 and I was wondering the same thing…how much of a difference would having a 76-core GPU vs. a 60-core GPU?

Is Topaz rendering primarily using the GPU or the CPU?

Also, the Mac Studio gives you a choice of 64, 128 and 192GB unified memory.

How much of difference would having 128 or 192GB would be vs 64GB, in allowing me to do basic 4K editing in Adobe Premiere or exporting in Media Encoder while Topaz was doing rendering of a long-form program in the background?

Many thanks!


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I’m also considering this machine but after looking at this video on YouTube I’m still very much in doubt that Topaz VEAI is addressing all the CPU/GPU cores to make a serious difference.
Hereby the link to the review : Topaz Labs Photo & Video Test on M2 Generation Macs M2, M2 PRO, M2 MAX, M2 ULTRA - YouTube
One thing good about Topaz VEAI is the (for now) weekly updates, so this means they are working on the issues…but for me…not yet deep enough to address the most important issue : performance using all CPU/GPU cores on MAC Mx series of SOC’s.