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I’ve been using both Sharpen AI and DeNoise AI with Photos by way of the External Editors for Photos extension for many years. External Editors for Photos hasn’t been updated in 5 years.

With Sharpen AI 3.3.3, I can no longer use Sharpen AI from Photos by way of External Editors for Photos.
Sharpen AI will launch with the image from Photos, but saving the image no longer registers with External Editors, “Save Changes” doesn’t save anything. I’m going to try to revert back to a previous version that did work.

But it would be great if Topaz would add an extension to Photos to allow editing with Sharpen AI and DeNoise AI like so many other apps do (Affinity Photo, Pixelmator Pro, RAW Power, etc.)

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Topaz seemingly broke it with this release. I believe they are working on it, but you may have to revert to 3.2 to regain the functionality. I purchased the topaz software with this Apple Photos workflow in mind and…yay they broke on the release I purchased. I can’t wait for an update that fixes this functionality

I too use Photos to manage my photo library and use the Edit With function to edit any image in my various editing programs. Every other program I have works fine that way and Topaz used to work fine up until the current releases. Now none of the updated Topaz programs work. There is no way to apply an edit back to the original and the only option is Save As. I also noticed the file that opens is not the original HEIC, but a TIFF. I can’t imagine there’s anybody in the world that wants a new file created for every edit with no ability to just Save. I think I read somewhere that they were trying to implement something like the ability to open a file through drag-n-drop and not overwrite the original without asking and so they made some change that broke the plug-in functionality for every external program. If that’s true, it seems like a bizarre tradeoff to make. I would guess its at least 1000:1 the people who use Topaz as a plugin vs drag-n-drop.


Just checking in here to see if there’s been any update. If there has, I haven’t found it. - I believe Photos always creates a TIFF to send to an external editor.
I reverted back to Version 2.x on Sharpen AI. I never updated DeNoise so that continues to work. I don’t know if there’s a Version 3.x I can revert back to, as I prefer that interface. But I’ll poke around here and see.

It turns out there’s an easy fix, and I probably should have figured this out earlier. You can download a full install of a previous version from the release thread here in the Forum. I reverted back to 3.1.something and it works as before.

Fear not, it’s Still broken! :rofl:

YES Please implement a proper extension for Mac Photos so we can use the Topaz apps seamlessly. many many Mac users rely on Photos for organisation as I do. Cheers Robert


I am just adding my plus one to this request. I prefer to keep my images in Apple Photos. Having to save externally breaks up my workflow.


I completely agree. Apple Photos plugin integration is my #1 request of Gigapixel, Sharpen and DeNoise apps. Please make this a priority. People who keep their photos library in the Apple Photos app don’t want to have to export an image, open it in Topaz apps, then reimport the image to Photos.

Thank you!

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