Mac Menu Won't Disappear with Adjust AI (and Sharpen AI and Denoise AI)

I use a bunch of Topaz products and have never seen this before, but I installed Adjust AI on my MacBook Pro and the Apple menu cuts across the top of the window hiding half of each tool icon and god knows what else. It’s as if the tool is in full screen mode but forgot to tell the menu bar that. Nothing I’ve found allows me to get rid of it. Any ideas? I’ve not had this with other trial installs before so I’m assuming that’s not it.

For this one please raise a support request at the main Topaz Labs website.

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OK, so I’ve had this one in to Tech Support since the original post and it’s yet to be resolved.

I’m not only experiencing this issue in Adjust AI but with every AI product installed (currently that includes Sharpen AI and Denoise AI). This prevents me from accessing some of the toolbar functions, like the zoom percentage, and worse than that it prevents me from resizing or moving the window, which can make the long waits required for Sharpen to happen in the background where I cannot track its progress instead of on my second screen to know whether or not I’ll be working on it again soon.

Yes, this is a bit of a complaint, but my reason for posting is that I’m trying to understand if this is just an issue for me or are others experiencing it?

Hi Jake,
On my iMac the collapsible header only comes down when I hover to the top screen and it disappears when I go down.

Yeah, and that’s the way I’d expect it to behave. There something funky going on and I sent a video to tech support showing what happens when I invoke any of the AI filters. Essentially it starts the program, then it wipes off the screen to the left putting me back in the program I had going when I invoked it, and then it brings me back to the AI program but with the menu for the program I used to be in at the top, so I have to either hit alt-TAB to swap windows or pick it from the chooser at the bottom. Strange indeed

What OS and version do you use and did you adjust the screen or something?

I’m on High Sierra 10.13.6

All the other Topaz products work fine, it’s just the trio of AI products I downloaded in December.

I hope support can help you soon!