M1 Ultra utilization on Video AI

In the switch to Video AI (from ‘Video Enhance AI’) it seems like the CPU and GPU utilization on the M1 Ultra has dropped a bunch. Previously it seems it was using over 10 cores (>1000% utilization) and most of the GPU, with 3.0 it was ~150% CPU and ~30% GPU, and now with 3.0.1 it is at ~350%(ffmpeg) and 130% (Topaz AI Video) with GPU used ~60%. Any idea if it will get optimized further to fully utilize the Ultra? I’m guessing it is tuned for the M1 Pro or M1 Max at this point.

Running a DV 2X upscale goes at 5.5 fps at the moment and I would love to see 2x or 3x that.



You are upscaling DV video to 720p? And it is taking .18 or so seconds per frame?

What am I missing?

My Mac Mini M1 gives me 480p to 720p at about .09 seconds per frame on 2.6.4.

Oh – I see this post is a bit old. Hopefully your speeds have increased. LOL

Hi - from my experience it’s not apparent that TVAI v3 is tuned for the M1 Max. However, you can get major performance gains by processing several videos in parallel - faster than real-time - when upscaling SD (480 or 576) to 1080 using Artemis or Proteus. I only have the base Mac Studio (M1 Max) but as you have the M1 Ultra you could achieve much more!



Yep, tested today with an old 576 footage.

One alone was 11fps.

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Thanks, Thomas - most impressive performance. I only recently found out from Topaz Support that 4 processes is a hard-coded maximum (per app instance) despite the settings offering up to 6 in Max Processes. On my Mac Studio (M1 Max base model), the optimum happens to be 6 (via 2 app instances).



I have definitely seen performance gains on V3.0.1 on my Mac Mini M1 machines. After about 3 parallels processes, then it starts to become less efficient.

One process would be .10 spf
Two processes would be .15 spf
Three processes would be .20 spf

This is just for 480p to 720p using Artemis.