M1 Max and M1 Ultra Speed Improvements? Using the Mac Studio

Can anyone provide rendering speeds with the M1 Max and M1 Ultra chips found in the new Mac Studio computer?

I have a good idea on the speed for the M1 chip – but curious if the new Mac Studio computer out-performs the Mac Mini M1? Enough to validate the cost of $1995 vs $750 for the computer?

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Mac Studio Ultra owner here. For me, using Proteus model & upscaling old video to 1080 HD 0.07 seconds per frame. I’m happy with that :slight_smile:

Hi - thanks for sharing. Can you tell me what was the resolution and specs of your original file and what settings for the Proteus model did you use?

I’d like to do a comparison to a similar job on a Mac Mini M1 to see if there is a dramatic performance difference.

Proteus Fine Tune - 720x576 upscaled to 1920x1080

Well - I did a test on my Mac Mini M1 with 16GB – and it renders at .11 seconds / per frame using your same settings.

So it appears that there’s not a dramatic performance increase when using a $4k Mac Studio with Ultra.

That’s a bummer, but it appears the best route for large projects is to chop the clip up and render on multiple M1 computers (@ $800 each). With 4 units running at the same time, you could basically render at .0275 seconds / per frame. Costing about $3200.

I just need a good automation process to do it.

All of the M1 models have the same 16 core machine learning processor except the studio ultra which is 32 cores. I compared the M1 pro to M1 max and there was virtually no difference for me.

I agree getting multiple cheap mac minis is the cheapest way to process things at the moment. You can just divide a movie by frames or on a keyframe cut and recombine.

Iphone 13 processor had 30% more powerful machine learning than iphone 12 so if that is used as the foundation for M2 then M2 should give a decent boost.

The codebase as it stands today isn’t optimised yet to take advantage of Max & Ultra. If you absolutely positively need to do the fastest you can now, then yes, buy a few M1 mini’s and cut and recombine them like rapsfan has also said. But the beta of version 3 is coming on in leaps and bounds but that’s all I’m prepared/allowed to say on a non beta forum, I’m sure you’ll appreciate that!