M1 Mac Studio Benchmark

My current laptop a Dell Inspiron 15 700 currently takes 9m:56.33 seconds to process 1 x canon R7 CR3 raw photo in Photo Ai using full auto pilot settings only. By process I mean, Open, Evaluate, Create Preview and Save the image (in stand-alone mode)

Considering purchasing an M1 Mac Studio (Max or Ultra). Apple pricing in Australia is horrendous. As such, i’m hoping that someone can me give me any indication of the processing performance times I can expect with the M1 MAC Studio before I commit to purchasing one.
Here is a link to the image used Canon R7 Cr3 Raw image

Current Dell Laptop specs.
Processor: Intel i7-8565U
Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620 and NVidia GeForce MX250
Ram: 32 GB
Storage: 2 x SSDs
OS: Windows 11 Pro

I’m not saying something is wrong with your system, but I downloaded your Cr3 file… and processed it as you suggested… and from opening to completing the output, was less than a minute and a half on my Plain Jane Mac Mini M1 w/16G ram and a 500G SSD drive…

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Hi Fred,
Thanks so much for taking the time to run a test and provide your feedback. It’s much appreciated

That’s an amazing performance difference compared to my Dell which has always struggled performance wise with the current AI based tools not only from Topaz but other vendors as well.

Looks like it’s time to join the Apple community.

Thanks again.

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I had a comparable result with your file on an M1 Mac Mini, and that was with face recognition turned on. It would be quicker with it off.
Obviously the newer Mac models would be faster, but it’s worth watching benchmark tests on youTube by ArtIsRight. He has tested Topaz products in the past and sometimes the speed/cost ratio is not justifiable in his view.

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Thanks for your reply. I’ll check YouTube video that you suggested.

And I tried it on a 6 year old HP Pavilion Win 11 with i7, 16GB RAM and GTX1050/4GB and it took 9 seconds … certainly something is wrong on your PC.

Mac Studio basic model from download to edit in TopazPhotoAI

±50 seconds

Just an Update. I bit the bullet and invested in the Apple Studio Max. Seriously impressed with how fast this PC is.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my original post.