LR plugin for Denoise is not working for 200+ photos at once

I am trying to use Topaz Denoise for my 220+ shots taken for star trail. When using the plugin to upload all images into Denoise from LR, it opens only one with no option to select all. I tried taking just 3, then it works and shows the three images in the Denoise panel with the option to ‘Select All’. Earlier it used to work, but not now.
Is there a change any issue with the plug in or did I added the plug-in in a wrong way. I created it through LR>Edit>Preferences>External Editing> Additional External Editor>Choose the Denoise exe.

Request help. Thanks in advance !

You need to raise a support request at the main website.

Thank you so much for the guidance!

Did that … but no response in last 2 weeks.!