Low light video and lighting flicker?

Hey there, I’ve enjoyed your product.

I have 2 things I would really love to see added to your product. It might already be there or be on the way. I would just like to let you guys know what I’m looking for.

I do a lot of low light video work. Often times I will use the natural lighting with the A7s. I did submit some video files showing some stuff I was working with that didn’t turn out that great but I have no idea if anyone worked on a model for it. There was an issue where if there was any flash of light in the dark scene, the area in the highlights would momentarily retain some pixel noise before dissipating. So it was almost like a delay to denoise the first 3 or 5 frames of the image that transitioned from dark to light.

Basically I need low light noise removal and sharpening. And as many of you probably know, a lot of the noise in low light video often times is kinda a purple/pink/magenta that appears in the pixels. That’s been my experience with the a7s. The a7s iii got rid of a lot of that hue in the corners or sides of the image.
This video illustrates what I’m talking about. And feel free to rewind it to see the types of noise. But i’m specifically looking at the color in the corners and hue of the noise. Because I was able to get rid of a lot the noise, but you still see the magenta blotches. Sometimes green blotches. basically it just looks like it blurred, what I would call, is more like color noise.

But ideally you guys at topaz labs might be able to come up with a model for correcting this often very predictable issue. It’s very repeatable. And I think most of the a7s cameras have it in the same spot, with the only difference being the degree to which it shows up.

But even other cameras from other brands, we see that same type of noise/color. I think it has to do with the sensitivity of the sensor for each color/spectrum of light. Specially Cmos sensors pic up the magenta spectrum more than anything else or something like that.

So having a model to get rid of this hue or color would be a godsend because obviously you could just upgrade your camera, but from what I gather sony pretty much improved the color with onboard software at the expense of overall detail and image brightness. Even though the a7sii is nosier it is also brighter than the a7siii so that’s kinda the trade off.

So maybe Ai on a actual computer could do it better? And even when using small sensors like gopros or cell phones at night, you see that purple magenta hue in the noise as well(sometimes green). A lot of times I’ll just turn down saturation and almost all night footage from any cmos camera will look better.
So adding this specific feature would actually shore up a lot of different cameras short comings, because unless you have an a7s you usually can’t film at night or in low light. Like if you try using go pros or any small sensor at night you’re usually going to have a bad time in post getting rid of the noise.

The other thing I would like to see is a deflicker option for lights. there are some plugin tools out there for this already, but ideally topaz ai video would be a much of a one stop shop for any kind of correction before editing. The type of flicker I was getting was more a rolling bar for sped up time lapse. I was filming a car being wrapped and the led lights that had in the shop, although not noticeable with normal footage played at normal frame rate, as soon as you sped it up and made a time-lapse there was this very noticeable flicker and dark horizontal bar rolling down the screen. So yeah it would be interesting to see if your AI models could get rid of this.

I can submit footage for both of these ideas if you would like to work on it? I just want to get the most out of the product so I’m not running it through a bunch of different plugins at different times. And from what I’ve seen your models are way more effective than a lot of the older mainstays of video editing. So it only makes sense that these two areas would be focused on as well since no other programs have really perfected a solution yet.