Low Light Bug

Something happened with the low light feature. I used it all the time prior to this latest release and had no issues. Now I get weird noise and banding.

Edit: these two results were from trying to run it from the plug in - two seperate tries. I also tried from the stand alone module, but it kept crashing upon saving.


If this is crashing upon saving, I would like to get the original image and your settings to see if I can reproduce this. @partha.acharjee also might be interested in this.


(1) how do you want me to send you the image?

(2) what about those big black boxes in the result? Or the flecks of black throughout?

You can upload the files here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/NcolTWl94boEOVMuqWai

We’ll have to investigate the black box issue since I believe this is new.

Three files uploaded: two screenshots with the black box / banding + the black noise, and the TIF file that crashes upon save from the standalone app.


I got them and will start testing, thanks for uploading them. Love the image by the way!

It’s an image of Banff, inside of Banff National Park. I am about half-way up Mt. Norquay opposite of the townsite, looking to get a nice sunrise shot of the town and the valley. However, smoke from the fires on the west coast of the US settled in, like the town was at the bottom of a bowl of fire smoke. Light pollution from the street lights lit up the smoke like it was, well, fire smoke! So the photo sort of represents 2020 in general, a horrible year, but at the same time there is still plenty of beauty out there - we just have to look.