Low CPU/GPU usage on upscaling

There is extremly low CPU/GPU usage on upscaling (DVD->HD), CPU usage is about 30%, GPU - about 12%. (AMD Epyc, 64Gb RAM. SSD, RTX3060Ti, 2 tasks)

There is no clear infromation what resource is actual bottleneck. As VEAI already has benchmarkig tool built-in - is it possible to add analysis for detection of non-optimal configuration for process?

Side question - if upscaling/models use GPU or it is used for encoding only?

It always uses both for processing. Some models use the GPU more like Gaia, and other use it less. The one time I tried to use the GPU for encoding, I noticed it slowed everything down, but that was also the one and only time I set the output to 4k.

One bottleneck that I have run into on my system is the storage drive. But again, that’s because I output to PNG. It has to read and write many more bytes for that. Most HDDs tend to only be able to write at 50MBps when the cache is used up and they need to read from the same drive. I own an SDD that can only write at 10-15MBps when the cache is used up. Anyway, I only mention this because the benchmark does not take storage into account at all.

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