Low CPU/GPU/Disk Utilization with Topaz Video Auto Crop Stabilization

Hello - I am using Topaz Video v3.2.8 for Auto Crop Stabilization and the CPU/GPU/Disk utilization via Windows TaskMgr ranges between single digits to bursts up to 33% for CPU/GPU. Disk utilization is consistently below 10%. I have the latest NVidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super drivers + Windows is up to date on an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor (12-threads) system (32GB memory).

I am asking because Topaz Video is processing at 0.4fps and other video editing apps I leverage usually max out either CPU or GPU. The good news is that I can use my PC for other things since Topaz Video isn’t maxing out my device :wink: but I am checking if there is anything I can reconfigure to have Topaz use more CPU/GPU. The top process in TaskMgr is ffmpeg.exe ranging between single digits to 30% CPU utilization. The output looks great when it completes.

Here are the Auto Crop Stabilization settings I have enabled:

  • In 1080p | Out 1080p (original pixel type + 29.97 fps)
  • Filters: Stabilization | Method: Full Frame | 50 strength | Rolling Shutter Correction | Reduce Jittery Motion | # of passes: 1
  • Video type: progressive | Proteus | Parameters: Auto


GPU utilization depends on a lot of factors, including the different models used and the parameters you are using. The GPU you have is considered an entry-level GPU for our purposes and the performance you are seeing is not unexpected.

Auto-crop stabilization uses one of our lightest AI models and is only used in the 1st pass. So, the GPU consumption would be pretty low. However, Full-frame is pretty resource intensive.

Go to Topaz Video AI and select File > Preferences and raise your memory usage to see if that helps with the consumption :slight_smile:

I will also add that Task Manager is not the most reliable source of information for GPU and CPU consumption.

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I will also add that Task Manager is not the most reliable source of information for GPU and CPU consumption.

What then is the best source of info for GPU and CPU usage numbers? I was going to start a separate thread noting that when upscaling 2K to 4K, my Alienware with i9-11980HK processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Laptop GPU shows CPU usage about 55-60%, the Intel UHD Graphics around 20%, and the NVIDIA card running about 7%. The NVIDIA card usage seems rather low to me.

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Yes, as mentioned the consumption will depend on the model being used :slight_smile: Also, make sure your driver is UPD and that memory usage is at 100% under File > Preferences.

I would use GPU-Z

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Thanks for the feedback! Can you point to where I can confirm if the graphics card is using UPD? Nvidia’s Control Panel and GeForce Experience are showing the version # (as Device Mgr is as well), but not seeing the UPD designation anywhere. Thanks!

Ida, thanks much for the tip! I checked the driver (assumed UPD means “updated”) and by updating to the latest NVIDIA driver, processing time dropped by about 2 hours (from 12+ hours for a 50 minute video file to 10+ hours for a similar file) and FPS rose from 1.6 to 1.8. I checked and memory usage is at 100%. I checked out GPU-Z and I may install it.

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Yes, if you open your Dxdiag and scroll down to your GPU, you will see a date for when it was last updated. You can then go to the Nvidia site or using GeForce EXP and see if there is a more recent build.