Loss of Stylized "Line" Sharpening

In earlier versions of Sharpen AI, I could get a kind of sharpening that resembled a line drawing. Today Sharpen AI does a much better job of realistic sharpening which is great. But there are times when I would like the more stylized line sharpening of the past.

Here are two versions of an image. The first shows the old sharpening to great effect. The second shows what I am able to acheive today. Would it be possible to get a choice of both effects in an upcoming release?

Good example. My suggestion is you may want to refer to specific version numbers, if possible.

One thing I noticed…which surprised me…is the red area in front of the tail.

Zoomed out, New sharpen smudges out all the details there. While Old sharpen retains them.

In this particular case, I’d have to say (imo) that Old Sharpen did a better job overall than New Sharpen, at least at the given settings. I have thought this myself a couple of times, but never had a really clear example (like this).

In case you are interested, here are another pair of examples. These clearly show that the old sharpening used a stylized rendering while the new sharpening is more realistic. And in this particular case I find the old rendering much more appealing. It would really be nice to have access to both approaches. As for whether the new sharpening is better or not, I leave that to your discerning eye. But I do personally agree that in some cases, the old sharpening is superior. Please disregard the color saturation differences between the two images as that is not due to the sharpening software. I have also lightened the hi-lights and intensified the shadows on the “new” version and this artificially boosts the the apparent sharpness.

This is what I was referring to, of course.

You might also look at the cheek area and around the eyes.

I dont mean to wear out my welcome, but I found another example of my earlier version of Sharpen AI doing a better job of sharpening than the current version. I promise this is the last photos I will upload to you. I hope you find them


The first image is processed the current software. The second with a version that wewas in effect March 22, 2022. The older version did a MUCH better job.

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