Lose saturation - - -

Was wondering why my images lose saturation when posted? Thanks in advance!

While not particualrly when posting, Ibut 've run into some issues when converting tiff’s to jpg’s depending what app I used. Never really tracked down why. I just started leaving or conferting tiffs to PSD’s then from there to desired final format.

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If you are talking about posting images to the forum, I’m afraid that I don’t have an answer for you, but I have randomly have that happen to me. I can only suggest that it may have to do with the color space available on the forum. Weirdly enough, I have also had it change to more saturated and back again which is why I attribute it to the web space.


Like Linda @lmgreene, I think color space could be the issue. sRGB tends to be a safe bet for exporting for the web. In LR and other software, I’m set to ProPhoto RGB, but I have my LR export defaulted to sRGB and haven’t experienced color shifts when posting to various sites.

Can’t think of any other possibilities.

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As Scott said make sure that the image is exported for upload to this site in sRGB and not AdobeRGB, AppleRGB or ProPhotoRGB.