Login problems

Each time I open Topaz Discussion I’m being asked to login to Topaz Labs first. Presume this is something to do with the Christmas Spamming Affair. Hope it is only temporary.

No issue for your user-id, just forced a browser refresh so log in again and you should be OK. If not just clear your browsers browsing data and it should be OK after you log in again.

When one does need to log in is it normal that you first go to the topaz main site then select discussion forums? It then returns here but a couple more clicks are still required.

OK, thanks, seems to be working normally again.

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It has been that way for me for a long time

You can login directly from the forum by clicking on the LogIn button. As it is a single login you will be taken to the mainsite to login before returning to the forum where you may have to click on the login button again.

I’ve been trying to create a topic in the technical support forums as well as here (to post this) but I keep getting an error saying I do not have permission to view the requested resource. What am I doing wrong here?

I’m not sure where you are but the support forums are opened from the Need Help? link in the header, which will take you here if you want to open a request: