Log In to.... Very Confusing

Looks like there’s been a Community facelift… so, I’m confused as to how the log in works… is there a separate log in for 1. my account and the 2. community and 3. Studio?

Could someone tell me how many log ins I need or which log ins work for what?

The forums use SSO (Single Sign-On), with your Topaz account, so as long as you are logged in to your My Account page, you should have access when you press the Login button.

It looks like you got logged in, as you created this post successfully :slight_smile:

As for the multiple accounts, we currently have two sites, where it is possible to have two accounts:

Topaz Labs (Plugins) Site
Topaz Studio site

We realize this can be a bit confusing, but we’re working on integrating everything right now. Soon!

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Well, yes, I did finally get a sign on that worked here to log on to the forum. Thanks for pointing that out and letting me know I will need another log in for The Studio site. Exactly what I wanted to know. :wink:

Nice to know you use SSO, but I will also need another log on for the Studio.

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I know I’ve posted about this before, but I really should be able to arrive at both my plugins as purchases in one site. As it is I can easily find Simplfy but have to search for Impression. They both should be listed in one place. Hope that’s going to be part of the new ‘fix’ Thank you for listening :slight_smile:

It’s not a one and done kind of thing. We’re working on transitioning to one site. Hang in there, we’ll have everything merged eventually.