Log file contains complete email address

Error log file contains complete email address of the user. I think this is not known to everyone and certainly not desired. Personal data should not be visible in the error log file that many post here.


The only reason a log would be collected by us is if the user reaches out via email and shares the log. We are not collecting this information otherwise.

I meant that many users post their log files here publicly on the forum and thus any other forum member can download these log files and then see the member’s email address contained therein.

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Yes, that is true!

Is there a way to block the “LogsForSupport” file from being downloaded from the forum by anyone other than Topaz employees?

Use their DropBox link.
If you’ve already posted it, you can edit your post to not include it.

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There are alot of older posts that can’t be edited now to remove the files.

There have been many instances where logs have been requested without a Dropbox link, so they were posted in the forum, and also times logs were posted preemptively.

Going as far back as I dare bother, I have the option to delete any of my posts. That should suffice.
I think I posted my logs at least once on these forums. I already get mountains of emails I don’t want. What’s a few more thousand?

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