Loch Lomand

A panorama made from 3 HDR shots of Loch Lomond, Scotland (a wonderful place to visit and hike).

Processed with Topaz Studios, dehaze and a little precision detail, with the built in gradient mask to avoid sharpening the sky.

An Topaz Studio Impression version


Beautiful panorama. I like the original best


Thank you very much, @Laundromat, and I agree with you :wink:

Nothing like a wonderful panorama! I love to blow them up to their max size and marvel at the details. Nicely done Ken!

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My choice as well, you made just the right amount of adjustments so we may really appreciate the view and details.

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @Michael_DeLisio and @cre8art, I appreciate them very much. I wish I could have shot the scene in 360 degrees! Maybe someday I will make movies, but it won’t be anytime soon…

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Great capture. Like the detail in 1.

Thank you very much @Michigander, our kids are on the path