Location of Topaz Labs Blog?

Hi, I just listened to an interesting interview with Dr. Albert Yang, over at Apple, and it concluded by pointing at Topaz’s blog for more information and insight by Yang.

I’d really like to dig into some of the insight he has to share given his long experience in the signal processing field.

Does anyone have a link to the Topaz Labs blog site?

Edit: Both interviewer and Yank point at /blog but that link just redirects to /learn, which is clearly Not the content they were referring to (research/science themed and not user focused application how-tos).

If you search on the internet for Topaz labs blog you get this link:

Yes, and I already addressed that in my comment. /learn. That is clearly not the blog the founder was talking about, since it doesn’t provide any technical research material.

I looked into it and one of his posts got posted again on /learn, and you can read it here:

The others didn’t get ported over, and while all the posts still exist it’s not easy (nor really intended) to access them. They are not really relevant to our current software, but I went ahead and gathered the links to his other posts so you can read them. Note that they won’t look quite right since we’re no longer maintaining these posts now that /learn exists.


Thank you Anthony.
You might consider creating an archive section for old content like this, or even better, publish some insights from the current team that work on these models. The benefit to you would be establishing a bit of mind-share, in that you guys do tackle novel problems at the frontier of image (still and temporal) field. Applied science, but perhaps also some theoretical. Showing that you know the problem domain deeply rather than simply creating GUIs would entice a certain group of prospective customers, so you can chuck it under the marketing umbrella if you like.